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3. NOV.2021
Full Album Release!

Covered by Lorie & Friends


03. NOV.2021 Lorie & Friends

『SING ! & SHOUT ! 』
Full Album Release!!

Lorie & Friends Album_SING ! & SHOUT ! _flyer.jpg

2. SEP.2021
2nd Digital Single Release!

あゝ無情 -Ah Mujou-
Covered by Lorie & Friends

02. SEP.2021 Lorie & Friends

『あゝ無情 -Ah Mujou-』
2nd Digital Single Release!!

Lorie & Friends' previous cover "Kokoro no Tomo " is the song of representative of "quiet artist"  Mayumi Itsuwa in the 1980s. And, next their cover song "Ah Mujou"  is the song of representative of "80's loud artist" Ann Lewis. "Ah Mujou"  is a masterpiece that established the genre of "Kayou Rock" in the Japanese music scene of the 1980s, which was the heyday of singer songwriters music.

Lorie's energetic and thick singing voice is a perfect match for expressing this masterpiece.

It is a wise selection that firmly insists on a wide range of expressiveness as a singer.


5. JUL.2021
Digital Single Release!

「心の友 -Kokoro no Tomo-」
Covered by Lorie & Friends

05. JUL.2021 Lorie & Friends

『心の友 -Kokoro no Tomo-』
Digital Single Release!!

FLORDELIZA SAMPANI NAKAGAWA, a talented singer from the Philippines who lives in Japan, is known as "Lorie".
The long-awaited cover album will be released under the name of "Lorie & Friends". She plans to release two cover albums. One is to cover Western-songs, and the other is Japanese-songs.
In advance to those albums, a leading digital single "Kokoro no Tomo" was released by "Lorie & Friends". This song was originally stored in the alubum "Shiosai" that Mayumi Itsuwa released in 1982.
"Kokoro no Tomo" was not popular in Japan at that time because it was not a single-cut, but it was a top song with Indonesia people.
It is said that an Indonesian exchange student heard and loved it in Japan, and requested for it a million times to Radio Station when he got back to Indonesia. This is the reason why it is said to be more popular in Indonesia.  In Indonesia, this song has been sung in Japanese for a long time by all generations, and finally it is said to be "the second national anthem". This time, Myanmar volunteers who live in Japan joined this arranged "Kokoro no Tomo" as the chorus. It makes an ending scene of magnificent scale, and it might make you feel a prayer for bottled-up state of the whole of Asia.

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Birthplace: Davao City Philippines

Born in 1975, a vocalist from the Philippines. Her genius singing ability has been recognized by her surroundings since her childhood,
In the vocal group she formed, she swept the prizes in contests and so on.
She came to Japan at the age of 15 dreaming of success in Japan. She continues to sing in bands such as Bar and is praised for her performances on the street.
She continues to be supported by music lovers and continues to fascinate people with her "voice and song."
This year, the long-awaited cover album will be launched in 2021.

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