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Soichi Sakakura

D.SKH Entertainment,
Managing Director/Producer


Performed in the band tournament in the Kansai Sun TV Todoke Oira no Onkakumei Project.

Scouted by Hisakatsu Igarashi (Vocalist of Novela/Competition Judge) and formed Angie's Party, beginning live concert activities.


Also the guitarist of the CD album Novela Densetsu.



Began working as a guitar instructor at the Tokyo Jiyū Gakuen Osaka School.



Suspended musical activities.




Formed Mellow//Dear,

a two-person band

Vocalist: Inori Haruhara

Guitar: Soichi Sakakura

Handled the lyrics, guitar, composition, arrangement, and band production.




Went on the ULTRA GAIN ARIEN Live Tour

together with

Dead End's Guitarist Yuji Adachi, Granrodeo's Bassist Isamu Takita,

and The Yellow Monkey's Dr. Eiji Kikuchi.




Handled the composition, arrangement, guitar, band production, and
iTunes/Amazon/MP3/RecoChoku distribution/sales for

the two-man band


Vocalist: Kazunari Kita

Guitarist: Soichi Sakakura



Formed Rattle You Back with Takeshi Yoshioka (played the main character of Ultraman Gaia) as the vocalist.

Handled the songwriting, guitar, composition, arrangement, and band production.



Guitarist of the Kansai Band Densetsu no Band? Sprit Puzzle's

first performance in the last 30 years.



Handled the music composition of the play HE-LOW The Second, directed by Hassei Takano from Ultraman Gaia.


Established D.SKH Entertainment Co., Ltd. with Hikaru Kobayashi and Koichi Ando. Aiming for entertainment business with sights set on the overseas markets.


Handled the opening BGM production of the Online TGR Stage of

Toyota Gazoo Racing.


Handled the BGM production for Japan's first SFX movie production community 8 Star Makers.

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