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Hikaru Kobayashi

D.SKH Entertainment,
Chief Executive Officer

Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics / Waseda University

Master of Business Administration (MBA) / University of Virginia Graduate School


Chief Executive Officer of Duo'H Partners 

Chief Executive Officer of T.R&D

Chief Executive Officer of MedicoreLab

Director of MedGEL

Director of Pal Inc.

Part-time Lecturer at the University of Tsukuba Graduate School


After working at the Daiwa Securities Sales Planning Department, he co-founded Medibic Co., Ltd in 2001 and became its CFO, then listed the company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange after two and a half years from A round financing.
Founded Asia Private Equity Capital Co., Ltd. in April 2004 and became its CEO. Does hands-on work on entrepreneurship programs and discovering technologies in Japanese universities, including industry-academia collaborations.


Founded MedGEL Co., Ltd. in 2003 with Marubeni Corporation and Professor Yasuhiko Tabata from the Institute for Frontier Life and Medical Sciences, Kyoto University, based on Professor Tabata's technology. Also serves as the director. Working to expand to other industries beyond the medical/treatment industry, such as biomaterials (hydrogels). In the medical field, he served as a member of the board of directors of Park Side Hiroo Lady Clinic.


2Together with Profex (China's largest independent pharmaceutical company in dermatology) in February 2007, he founded PAL Inc., a company in Shanghai selling preventive and diagnostic drugs specializing in acne, and is currently its director. PAL products are being developed in China via e-commerce in partnership with Taobao (China).


Established the Japan-based company Duo'H Partners Co., Ltd. after completely returning to Japan in June 2014. Resumed investment operations via his personal network, including overseas operations in the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, East Asia, and North America. Working to expand biomaterials used in the medical field towards cosmetics, quasi-drugs, etc., centered on the company T.R&D. Promoting expansion into the retail business.


Aside from the fields of biotechnology and life science, he is also involved in the overseas expansion of Japanese restaurant chains and service industry companies. Furthermore, he serves as an advisory board member of Abdul Latif Jameel General Trading Co. Ltd., an expansion of the major Saudi Arabian conglomerate ALJ in Japan.

He is currently the director and advisor of over ten companies (including the companies he invested in) inside and outside Japan.


Established the music label D.SKH Entertainment Co., Ltd. in November 2019.

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