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Kazuo Fusejima

D.SKH Entertainment,
Chief Operating Officer/Producer  

Won the Music Artists/Band Contest National Grand Prix sponsored by Shinseido (Band Name: The Parsifal).


Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University Department of Design with a major in Films

Performed in TBS Ikasu Band Tengoku and won the Grand Ikaten King award (Band Name: Flying Kids)

Through Victor Entertainment, he made his major debut as the leader and bass player of Flying Kids.

Actively provides tunes to other artists.

Disbanded Flying Kids.

Joined 81 Entertainment (CEO: Yasushi Akimoto) and became music division production manager. 

For the next five years, he worked as the music director of NHK BS Oi Nippon (produced by Yasushi Akimoto).

2001 Established Cloud Cuckoo Land Inc. Started Management (New Employee Development Business Alliance: Innovator Inc./Dragon Ash Management), label business, event business, etc.

Revived Flying Kids and resumed music artist activities.

Became a music label producer partnered with Hoshi Create, the parent company of Daiichi Kosho.

(Affiliated Artists: Ouzoku band, Unchain, Takashi Hamazaki, etc.)


Worked as a producer of a GBGB2016 co-sponsor company.

(Performing Artists: Mr. Children, Crazy Ken Band, Flying Kids, Rogue, etc.) 

2019 Established D.SKH Entertainment Co., Ltd. with Hikaru Kobayashi and Soichi Sakakura.

Aiming for entertainment business with sights set on the overseas markets.

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